Cathy Rhodes BSc (Hons) MCIM

Cathy RhodesHaving worked with many successful businesses, both in the UK and Continental Europe, Cathy is passionate about bringing their best practices to professional advisory firms.

Fascinated by people and what makes them tick, Cathy embarked on a career in marketing in 1990. Over the next ten years she was privileged enough to work with some of the best companies, people and brands in the world. This allowed her to gain a great deal of experience and understanding of how businesses become great as she played her part in their success.

In 2000, she was able to bring this experience to bear on a broad client base through the set up of her own marketing consultancy. Working with clients to help them understand their target market, develop and implement business development strategies, she has helped ensure her clients have all key fundamentals in place for sustained growth and success.

As a result of this work, she has a great appreciation of how successful businesses operate and grow, as well as some of the problems that occur along the way and how to overcome them.

Based in Buckinghamshire, Cathy is a co-founder of Culminas, working with talented owners of professional advisory firms. She combines best practices of the truly great businesses she has known, tools and techniques that have been tried and tested over many years and a real passion for the success of her clients.

Contact Cathy:

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Telephone: 01280 815 122
Mobile: 07947 465 190