Shabina Rehman, Lim-Ina Ltd.

After a slow start to my new business, I was considering whether to continue when I met Cathy. Our work together gave me renewed faith and confidence to carry on – as well as a marketing strategy that both played to my strengths and got results.

Mark Walker, Director, Ashridge Security Management Ltd.

Cathy was my first choice as a marketing consultant due to her impressive CV and great personality.

Having now worked with Cathy for several months I've found her to be an excellent business coach, subject matter expert and an asset to our business. Cathy's passion sparks creativity in others and together we have formulated successful, simple and long-term innovative strategies. These strategies have led to introductions to new prospects that have consequently become new clients. Measurable results!

I'd highly recommend Cathy to any company that's serious about achieving measurable growth and wants to be successful. She won't do all the work for you - and rightly so, but she'll ensure you have the tools and strategies in place to optimise your business.

Stephen Smyth, Marketing Manager, ATG Training Ltd.

Cathy has provided high quality coaching and mentoring of the leadership and management team at ATG Training, helping the organisation transform from a largely Government-funded organisation to a commercially-driven company. Her talent and skills are invaluable is effecting change within the business.

I can highly recommend connecting with Cathy, her business building and marketing skills will add value to your bottom line.

Matt Gadsby, General Manager, Explanar Ltd.

Having invested in marketing activities in the past that simply did not work, I found Cathy’s approach refreshing. She challenged my thinking to ensure I focused our efforts on attracting the right clients and partnerships. I finally have confidence that our marketing will deliver.

Sarah McCloughry, Director, Anrah Ltd.

A strong recommendation for Culminas and Cathy Rhodes. I found the consultations valuable in helping me uncover the profile of my ideal client. It provided a strategic focus for my business development effort, with clear actions to implement to effectively and easily attract more of the clients I love.

Kerr Drummond, Director, Hastings Drummond Ltd.

Working with Cathy is like dusting off some lovely objects you have had for a while and putting them on display.

Ian Harper, CEO, ATG Training

Do you deserve to make and maximise profits? Could you improve the quality of what you offer your customers? Would you like to improve the efficiency of your product or service delivery? If so, then working with Cathy will help.

John Wright, MD, Terminator Clothing Ltd.

Cathy did a fantastic job helping us put together our marketing strategy She has set us on the right path and well prepared to move forward.

Judith Germain, Director, Seeing Solutions Management Services Ltd.

Cathy is lively, caring, dynamic and passionate - an expert in marketing, who will challenge your thinking and be committed to your success. Things are never quiet around Cathy, and why would you want them to be?

Tessa Baker, Stephen Baker Financial Consultants Ltd.

Very pleased with the marketing strategy you have outlined for our financial services business. Logical and well thought out. I recommend any business wanting more customers speak to you.

Matt Tudor, Head of Business Development at Bridgwater College

Having had Cathy’s support for the last 9 months transforming the business in some really difficult times, she surprised me every time we met. It’s Cathy’s ability to sift through the issues and identify the key ones that are directly related to business success. This is a rare quality and one that I value very highly. There is no doubt I will continue to apply the learning and approaches that I developed from working with Cathy.